OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE was established in 2015 by Dr Stephen Codrington as a specialist consultancy service to support school boards that want to enhance their effectiveness and operate optimally.  Stephen has brought the wisdom, insights and practical experience of four decades’ work as an educator, board trustee, speaker, author, and school evaluator to help school boards implement ‘best practice’ in everything they do.  Based in Sydney (Australia), OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE works with schools everywhere in the world, drawing upon the extensive resources of Alphacrucis College and its research arm, the Centre for the Future of Schooling.

How are we different?

Unlike other organisations that provide advice in the area of governance, OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE has a singular focus on schools.  Our work covers all areas of supporting and improving school board governance, reflecting the reality that the culture of schools is markedly different from the corporate sector, or even other non-profit enterprises.

Support is therefore provided by leaders who understand education and school governance as a result of a lifetime of educational leadership.  Our focus is empowering school boards and Heads of Schools to be as effective as possible in serving their school communities by implementing sound, research-based best practices.

Our work is supported by an optional, easy-to-use, highly accessible and practical handbook that board members and Heads of Schools can use to improve their effectiveness.

OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE works with school boards in a range of ways:

  1. workshops that focus on ‘best practice’ in school governance;

  2. orientation sessions for new board members;

  3. board and trustee evaluations;

  4. development of strategic visions and plans;

  5. help with restructuring and advice on a range of issues, including board-head relationships;

  6. critical friendships and mentoring of school boards, trustees and Heads of Schools;

  7. assistance with policy and document formulation;

  8. crisis management; and

  9. one-on-one help and support to address specific needs and situations.

We understand that every school is unique, and has its own culture and ethos.  Therefore, OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE is very flexible in being able to address the specific needs of different schools – single-sex and coeducational, day and boarding, religious and secular, all age ranges, national and international schools.

Please contact us to discuss ways we can help you.

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Schools in New South Wales: We are a NESA approved training provider of courses relating to proper governance in non-government schools.  Read about our NESA courses HERE.

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Optimal School Governance

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Our consultancy service is supported by a 208 page handbook for school boards.

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About Us

Our logo “O” for ‘Optimal’ is a stylised Möbius loop.  Although they appear two-sided at first glance, Möbius loops are surfaces with only side.  This is a metaphor for the work of school boards, where apparent disagreements may often simply be reflections of different aspects of the same side.

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Optimal School Governance is proud to work in close partnership with the Centre for the Future of Schooling, the research institute of Alphacrucis College.